S2CH Federation

S2CH Federation

The Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne participates to the Fédération pour les Sciences Sociales des Comportements Humains. The S2CH Federation aims to promote interdisciplinary experimental approaches.

The Federation opens access to three experimental platforms to all researchers interested in running experiments on human behaviour :

  • The Paris Experimental Economics Lab LEEP
  • The La Défense Experimental Economics Lab of la Défense LEED
  • The Nanterre Electroencephalography Labo LEEN

It proposes the following services to researchers :

  • Set up of experiments
  • Recruiting participants for paid, non-deceving and non-invasive experiments
  • Participant payment in cash

For more information, contact Jean-Christophe Vergnaud.

Taking part in an experiment

No qualifications other than being of legal age are required to participate in an experiment. Participation in the experiments is voluntary and paid. Registration as well as all the practical information are described on the LEEP website.