Chaires and IUF

Chaire Blaise Pascal

The CES was happy to welcome Professor Hervé MOULIN during the academic years 2020-2022, as laureate 2019 of the Chaires d’Excellence Blaise Pascal.

The Chaires d’Excellence Blaise Pascal, of worldwide reputation, are supported by the Région Île de France and permit to welcome top-class foreign or expatriate researchers in order to carry on with their research in higher education institutions located in Île de France. Without any doubt the procedure has worlwide recognition, since already 6 Nobel Prizes appear in the list of the 90 laureates.

Hervé MOULIN is professor of economics at Glasgow University, after having been alternately professor of economics at Virginia Tech, Duke University and Rice University. He is worldwide known for his works in mathematical economics, in particular in the domains of social choice and game theory.

His research project during his stay at CES (from September 1st, 2020, to August 31st, 2022) will concerned collective decision making (in particular, resolution of conflicts of interest and direct democracy), as well as problems of fair division of goods.

Hervé MOULIN is associated member of CES since July 2021.

IUF : the University Institute of France

Michel Grabisch, honorary senior member of IUF

Laureate 2014 (for 5 years)


Nicolas Jacquemet, junior member of IUF (2011-2016)