EUR and LabEx

EUR : Investments in the future

On 24 October 2017, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the General Investment Commission announced the 29 winners of the new part of the investment programmes for the future relating to University Research Schools (EUR). Managed by the French National Research Agency, the EUR initiative aims to “strengthen the impact and international attractiveness […] in one or more scientific fields by bringing together master’s and doctoral training courses backed by one or more high-level research laboratories”.

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Two projects involving the Sorbonne Economics Centre (CES) are winners :

1) The PGSE project (Paris Graduate School of Economics) :

The partners are UMR 8174 (CES) and 8545 (PjSE) as well as ED 465 (EPS – Panthéon-Sorbonne Economy) and whose partners are PSE, ENS, EHESS, Les Ponts, the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, CNRS, INRA, CEPII and CEPREMAP.

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2) The HED Project (Graduate School of Demography):

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Sorbonne Economics Centre is a partner of 4 LabEx :

DynamiTe – Territorial and Spatial Dynamics – carried by Comue heSam

Launched in 2012, the Laboratory of Excellence “Territorial and Spatial Dynamics”, or LabEx DynamiTe, focuses on the effects of globalization on spaces and societies, as well as on the challenges of sustainable development and global change.

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iPOPs – Individuals, Populations, Societies – carried by INED

The transformations of developed societies are raising new questions to which demographic research, from an interdisciplinary perspective, can shed indispensable light. The scientific project of the iPOPs laboratory of excellence, launched in 2010, is to account for and interpret current changes by studying the correlations between family dynamics, changes in the labour market, transformations in intergenerational relations, changes in health and ageing populations.

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OSE – Opening Economic Science – supported by the Paris School of Economics

This project was born out of an observation: the central paradigm of economic discipline, organized in the broadest sense around the axiom of individual rationality, has proved to be remarkably powerful; in the face of the increasing complexity of the world, however, its limitations are increasingly evident. The project “OSE-Opening Economic Science” aims to address the challenges to the central paradigm of the discipline in the fields of expertise of itspartners. Since October 2017, OSE has been part of the EUR PGSE.

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ReFi – Financial Regulation – supported by ESCP Europe

The Labex ReFi was a multidisciplinary research laboratory dedicated to the evaluation of regulatory policies. It aimed to advance knowledge of the functioning of financial systems and their regulation and to independently “advise” and “guide” the action of public authorities in the implementation of regulatory policies by providing expertise and academic rigour. The Labex ReFi was set up at the initiative of the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, the CNAM, the ENA, and ESCP Europe (“project leader”) in the context of the “Grand Borrowing”.