The Administrative Service consists of the General Secretary, the Executive Assistant, and the Administrative and Financial Pole.



Céline MENANT – Contact

The General Secretary is in charge of the administrative steering (Human Resources, finance, partnerships, health and safety) of UMR8174 and ensures the coordination of all the support services in relation with the 8 scientific research programs and the FR2006 (Research Federation for Social Sciences of Human Behavior), whose financial management is ensured by the management service of the CES. The General Secretary provides the CES Executive Board with the methodological and administrative support needed for implementation of the laboratory priorities and ensures the implementation, control and follow-up of the decisions taken by the CES Executive Board.




Inès GABON – Contact

The Executive Assistant assists the Director, the two Deputy Directors and the General Secretary in order to optimize the management of their activity (management, mails, preparation of meetings, welcome of new members of the laboratory, etc.). She organizes and coordinates internal and external information, sometimes confidential, related to the functioning of the CES. The Executive Assistant is in charge of the follow-up of files (follow-up of customer reminders, administrative management of personnel, etc.) and participates in specific events organized by the Executive Board (research days, etc.). She is the correspondent of Human Resources.



Administrative and Financial Pole


Ngoc Diep TON – Contact

The Financial Responsible prepares and monitors the expenditure budget. She checks all financial and accounting regulations. She coordinates a team of 5 members of the Pole, each of whom acts as a financial referent for one or more scientific programs at CES. The Financial Coordinator helps researchers in setting up research contracts (European contracts, ANR, CIFRE, etc.).

The Administrative and Financial Pole manages the centralization of purchase requests, the follow-up of orders, and the missions of the laboratory members and guest scientific staff. In terms of contracts, the Pole provides methodological support in terms of monitoring, financial justification and subsidies. It also provides administrative, accounting and logistical support for the organization of all symposia and seminars organized by the CES and provides secretarial support for the welcome of guests, trainees and non-permanent staff.

Your referring contacts

Ngoc Diep TON – Contact

Financial Responsible

Budget implementation and monitoring

In charge of accompanying the setting up of research contracts (European Contracts, ANR, CIFRE, etc.)

Financial referent of the program :

  • Public Policy

Türkan DONMEZ-GHOUDANE – Contact

Financial referent of the programs :

  • Behavioral Sciences
  • International Economics and Labor Market
  • Research Federation (S2CH)

Nadine HENGEL – Contact

Financial referent of the programs :

  • Common Services
  • Financial Globalization

Lucie LABEL – Contact

Financial referent of the programs :

  • Documentation Center
  • Economics of Sustainable Development

Patrica GUEZO – Contact

Financial referent of the program :

  • Political Economy

René REBERO – Contact

Financial referent of the programs :

  • Theoretical Microeconomics
  • Financial Modelling